About Us

Bound To Give You Prosperity  & Confidence in the Future

Lamb Real Estate was formed with the belief that every client and project is equally important and deserves specialized attention.

Lamb HOA has been the premier HOA and Condo Management specialist in Omaha since 2009. HOA management is ALL we do. We provide an array of extensive community management services including HOA Management, Condo Management, and HOA consulting services. It takes a collective team effort to provide the very best for our communities.  Each community is unique and requires the personal attention it needs to succeed.  We at Lamb HOA all share the same core principles of integrity and ethical standards.  Let us make your community a “Great Place to Call Home.”

Our Mission

At Lamb HOA, our mission is to treat every client as our most important client and create custom-tailored services to meet their HOA Management goals. Understanding that no two clients, properties are the same, we offer result-oriented solutions to our communities. In HOA management, we adhere to the highest industry standards and strive to raise them beyond expectation. Knowing our clients on a personal level, developing specialized solutions, and giving hands-on attention allows us to enhance results and focus on every management goal we set out to accomplish.